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Illuminating the Druggable Genome Knowledge Management Center (IDG KMC), subcontract to University of Miami

  • Stephan C. Schurer, Ph. D.
    Lead Chemoinformatics Scientist (CCS)
    Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (UM)
    Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Therapeutics, The Scripps Research Institute, Florida


Work from Dr. Schurer’s team has developed the Drug Target Ontology in order to strengthen the power of queries across wide variety of data sources by creating community standards among drug discovery information. Current version of DTO is focused on the four highlighted IDG protein families: GPCR, Kinase, Ion Channel, and Nuclear Hormone Receptor. Disease to target mapping has also been undertaken.


Maillet, Emeline L; Milon, Nicolas; Heghinian, Mari D; Fishback, James; Schürer, Stephan C; Garamszegi, Nandor; Mash, Deborah C, Noribogaine is a G-protein biased -opioid receptor agonist., Neuropharmacology 99: 675-88 (2015), PubMed Abstract:


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